If you're ready to have a stronger and more toned midsection, heal your diastasis, get stronger, and eat healthier and feel more energized...KEEP READING!
The Next Consistent To The Core Challenge Starts October 21st!!

"The experience was awesome! I felt supported and understood and not judged with quality coaching from a fellow mom! Everything was very easy to understand and the videos helped so much! I went into this hopeful but was unsure if I would see results because I was doubting myself and boy did I see results in a few short weeks! I didn't expect to lose as much weight as I did so fast, that I would be able to stick to the nutrition plan or that the moves would eventually become part of my daily routine, and I have done all of the above! I've already seen and felt such a difference in my body and am finally feeling confident and motivated. I will be making this a lifestyle and sticking to it so I keep seeing results! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!" - P. Vince
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If you want to lose the mommy tummy, improve core strength, and regain your core confidence then SIGN UP NOW!!

Only $10
Doing random exercises like 100 crunches a day or Kegels every time you sit down aren't going to help you get a flatter tummy, and in some cases these exercises can actually make your core worse.

I created the Consistent To The Core Challenge in order to help you get you closer to that flat tummy you've been wanting for so long...THE RIGHT WAY!
What Is The Consistent To The Core Challenge?
The Consistent To The Core Challenge is a 14 day No-Crunch Core Challenge designed to help you:
  • Improve Core and Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength and Function
  • Heal ​Diastasis Recti
  • Lose Belly Fat
  • ​Be More Consistent With Exercise 
  • ​Fix Your Posture
  • ​Improve Your Sports Performance
  • ​Improve Your Daily Eating Habits​
  • ​Enhance Your Postnatal Recovery
The Consistent To The Core is ONLY $10 for the ENTIRE Challenge...That's It!
The Next Consistent To The Core Challenge Starts October 21st!!

Only $10

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Registration closes on Sunday 10/20/2019 at Midnight!
BONUS...you will also receive a 7 day FREE trial to the next Restore My Core Coaching Community beginning November 4th where we build upon everything you've experienced in the challenge! 

We will work together for 8 weeks to help you achieve even better and lasting results, heal and strengthen your core for good, return to fitness safely, and get back your pre-baby body...the right way!  No gimmicks or crazy quick fixes!! 
Who Am I?

I’m Victoria, and I’m the founder of Fit To Her Core.
I help moms to get strong and heal their bodies, so they can safely return to the activities they love doing with confidence!

I want the best for you, and I’m tired of seeing moms receiving poor postpartum recovery advice, and dealing with injuries that are entirely preventable, prolapse that worsens months after birth, abdominal separation that just won't heal, and nagging back and hip pain from simply lifting your kiddos.
Some of the common mistakes I see with women trying to get back into shape after baby is doing endless crunches and sit-ups to get rid of their mommy pooch. This can make an abdominal separation (aka Dastasis Recti) even worse and signifigantly decrease your overall core strength.

My goal is to help you build lasting core strength and function without getting hurt. That’s why I started my online coaching programs to help moms safely prepare for pregnancy, labor, and delivery as well as recover postpartum. I want every mom to have the solid and vital postpartum recovery education and support that I never had after my first pregnancy.

I want you to know that I get you and understand many of the same struggles that you’re going through with your body right now because I’ve been through many of the same as well:

• Wanting to feel like yourself again in your postpartum body.
• Dealing with abdominal separation after all three of my pregnancies.
• Being confused about how to safely rehab my core after pregnancy and get my abs back.

I not only specialize in postpartum core reconditioning and pre/postnatal fitness, I'm also a mom. I know exactly what you're going through because I’ve been there too! 
What’s Included in the Consistent To The Core Challenge

When you sign up for the Consistent To The Core Challenge, you will receive:
Exercise Videos & Workouts:

• 14 safe and effective core workouts to help you strengthen your core and heal abdominal separation
• 2 strength workouts that you can rotate through each week because moms need total body strength 
• LIVE Facebook workouts for even more motivation and support

Educational Videos:
• How to assess yourself for Diastasis Recti
• How to really activate your core
• What exercises to avoid and why
• Why posture is so important
• Why Kegels, sit-ups, and squeezing your abs all day won’t heal your core
• What breathing has to do with healing your core


• 14 day nutrition coaching to help you burn belly fat, reduce inflammation, improve gut health, and improve adrenal function
• Weekly meal plans
• Daily recipes


Daily coaching, support, and motivation in a closed and private Facebook group
And you get all of this for only $10!! 

The Consistent To The Core Challenge is worth more than $100!!

But you do need to act fast and sign up since time is limited and there are a limited number of spots!
The Next Consistent To The Core Challenge Starts October 21st!!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Registration closes on Sunday 10/20/2019 at Midnight!
Check out what other moms who have already participated in Consistent To The Core have to say about it!
"I found you on Instagram first and LOVE your approach to returning to fitness postpartum. I’m currently six months postpartum and am slowly building my repertoire of safe exercises and gaining more confidence in my “new” body." – Leslie K 

"I am loving the variety. I feel like it’s so easy to get stuck doing the same exercises all the time." – Jamie S.
"I did #1 yesterday! And I hope to fit in #2 today. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these workouts. I've been struggling with knowing how to exercise my core (I just know to avoid any traditional crunches/planks/etc., but wasn't sure what else to do) and it's really nice to try out exercises that I can feel confident are safe for me postpartum. Thank you." - Julie H.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I've just had my baby. When can I start?

A. Depending on how you are feeling, you can typically start within 6 weeks after vaginal or C-section delivery.

Q. I had my baby a few years ago. Can I still do the program now?

A. Absolutely! This challenge is beneficial for both new and seasoned moms. It's imperative that we continue working on maintaining the strength and function of our core and pelvic floor.

Q. I'm a busy mom without a lot of extra time on my hands. Exactly how many workouts are there and how many exercises are in each workout?

A. I know exactly what you're dealing with being a mom of three myself. I've got ya covered! You will recieve one core workout for the 14 days of the challenge and two strength workouts that you can rotate throughout the two weeks, and the beautiful thing is that each core workout only has 3 moves. Total time saver!

Q. Is there some kind of plan that I can follow because I have to total mom brain most days of the week and just need to be told what to do?

A. Absolutely! Got you covered there too. I've also included a weekly checklist to help you focus on which lifestyle habits to practice throughout your day as well as a weekly calendar, so you know exactly which workout to do on which day of the week.

Q. How long are the workouts? How often should I do them?

A. The workouts will only take you about 10-15 minutes per day. Your goal is to get the routine done every day, if possible.

Q. Can I still do this program if I am already doing another workout program?

A. Absolutely! I will want you to make sure that you incorporate it into your current routine, as well as do it as a form of recovery exercise on your non-training days.

Q. What sort of equipment do I need for the workouts?

A. A small inflatable Pilates ball...or you can even use a Yoga block or a rolled up towel...that's it!
What Happens Once I Sign Up?

Once you have joined you will be directed to fill out a form to complete your order, I need your email address to send you a welcome email and all the housekeeping information you need for the challenge.

You will be prompted to create your membership account once your order is processed, and you will receive access to your account immediately. Your first core workout, core tip, and strength workout will be available on Day 1 of the challenge (10/21/2019).

If you don’t receive anything within 48 hours please check your spam/promotions and social folders as the emails often go there. If you haven’t received anything after 48 hours please email me: info@victoriadosen.com
The Next Consistent To The Core Challenge Starts October 21st!!

Only $10!!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Registration closes on Sunday 10/20/2019 at Midnight!
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